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About Brenda

Pastor Brenda Engelking's childhood family was devastated by the tragedy of losing her father in an accident before her birth.  Plagued by that trauma, Brenda's family struggled with addiction, violence, and mental illness that left Brenda questioning God's character and love.

Stirred by those childhood experiences, Brenda's passion for victims was ignited in college by radical feminism.  She championed many causes through activism in feminist issues, domestic violence, sexual assault, and pornography.  Her work on behalf of these causes garnered many honors and awards.

But by the age of 25, Brenda realized that she could not solve life's problems on her own – Brenda was empty inside and needed a savior.  Brenda encountered Jesus Christ and learned about the freedom that comes from accepting God's truth and discovered the power of taking personal responsibility for choices.  This decision helped her break free from the lies she had believed about herself and to rest in the truth of who she was created to be in Christ Jesus -- a precious daughter of God!

Equipped with a BA in Criminal Justice and determined to help others move forward from a victim mentality, Brenda began her professional career working with victims of domestic violence, chemically dependent and homeless veterans, and by providing housing services to low-income and mentally ill persons.  In 2004, Brenda moved to Central Minnesota where she worked with Anna Marie's Battered Women's Shelter, the Stearns County Felony Domestic Violence Court, and trained law enforcement in domestic violence issues.  Now, as a credentialed minister through the Assemblies of God, Brenda serves as the Care Ministries Pastor at the Waters Church in Sartell, MN.

The combination of Brenda's life experiences, professional career, and spiritual calling, have created the foundation of BKE Ministries as a means to empower others to break free from a victim mentality, to understand and recognize the importance of one's own choices, and to become all that God created them to be.

Our Board


Kathy Stang


I have a passion for BKE Ministries and am honored to serve on the board because I believe fully in Brenda’s curriculum to bring hope, clarity and trust in all relationship with Jesus Christ. I have personally experienced and witnessed heart changes through the participation in the amazing journey of her Love Trust Rest teachings. This ministry is about changing lives and guiding people to become the very best they can be as a child of God.

Julie Nelson


I am so thrilled to support BKE Ministry and the mission of helping others seek God’s truth. His truth, empowers change. This ministry teaches the gospel while healing so many broken hearts. To witness lives being changed is honestly, so humbling and beautiful. It is my honor to serve on this board!

Mandy Peterson

Board Member

As an honored board member of BKE Ministries I desire to see all people stand strong in the knowledge that we were created with immense purpose, lavished in love and grace, by God our Father.  It is through the forgiving love of Christ that we are truly empowered to drop the chains of past hurts, shame, fear and condemnation so that we may live our lives with His truth as our foundation. "I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalm 139:14

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Kathy Wulf-Tays

Vice President

We spend so much of our lives searching for answers. BKE Ministries focuses on a simple equation that takes many of us most of our lives to figure out. Knowing God’s Love, trusting that it is unconditional and Resting in the peace that the gift of eternal life is far more important than the battles we fight here on earth. I support BKE Ministries mission to speak truth into all lives and to help people see the beauty that comes from being in relationship with Our Father.

Tami Mayers

Board Member

I am so honored to be able to partner with BKE Ministries in teaching God’s truth. BKE Ministries is helping people find who they are in Christ, breaking free from the lies of the enemy and empowering them to walk in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit while pursuing all that God has planned for them.  BKE Ministries is transforming lives by simply showing people God’s love.

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BKE Ministries is a non-profit ministry  empowering people to break free from a victim mentality by recognizing God's truth and understanding the importance of one's own choices in becoming all that God created them to be through teaching, consulting and mentoring.